When Physiotherapy Is Needed?

Most of the people are unaware of how, when, and in which conditions physiotherapy works. This article will answer all such questions about when to consult a Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is beneficial in treating as well as preventing various injuries or diseases to the body.

If you are suffering from any Orthopaedic conditions like bone or muscle weakness,  joint pains, back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, leg cramps, ankle sprains(twisting of an ankle) after healing of the fracture, etc which are commonly seen in patients, Then you need physiotherapy treatment to get relieved from your pain and prevent deformities.

If your child is having difficulty in sitting or standing independently, having difficulty in walking, or showing delayed development in comparisons to other children, Then it’s the time you consult a physiotherapist.

Is anyone around you having any neurological conditions like paralysis, complain of numbness in hand or leg (nerve-related conditions), Parkinson’s disease, difficulty in maintaining balance, feeling of giddiness while changing positions from sitting to sleep or vice versa (Vertigo), reduced sensation in feet(Diabetic Neuropathy), Then you must advise for physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is also helpful in Cardio-respiratory conditions like asthma, pneumonia, COVID-19, and many more. It helps to clear your lungs and removes cough by promoting clear breathing. Physiotherapists also work in ICU where it helps in preventing pressure sores and maintaining mobility in bed-ridden patients.

If you are undergoing any operations like hip/knee replacement or surgeries, Then taking physiotherapy prior can help to prevent complications after surgery. Also, it is a must to take after operations for reduction of pain, restoring movement, and prevention of deformity. Sometimes by consulting a physio and taking treatment properly can avoid surgery.

Physiotherapy plays a specific role in female related problems which generally they do not share it others. Pregnancy-related problems like back pain, nerve compression due to increased weight where taking painkillers that are contraindicated. Also after pregnancy, many females suffer from urine problems like difficulty in controlling urine (Incontinence) where physiotherapy is recommended.

Any postural problems like forward head, flat back, rounded shoulders, or sports specific injuries or spine-related problems, Physiotherapy can guide in maintaining the daily activities by modifying it and sharing its DO’S and DON’T’S.

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